Expertise counseling

Profile Evaluation

Application Process

Regular Follow Ups with the Universities

Visa Assistance

Language Coaching’s (IELTS, PTE, SPOKEN ENGLISH)

Our professional and well-trained counselors help to identify the career goals, enabling the student to make a wiser academic decision and giving personal attention to choosing courses that perfectly fit your career path. Course Selection is the most crucial factor to give a successful path to your career. Counselors also encourage the students to ultimately draw their own conclusions and choose the path they want to take for future success.


We offer Admission Consultancy to the candidates. We have a team of experts who, with their expertise and experience, provide accurate consultation to the candidates who want to take admission to foreign universities. We have a well-established network or links with reputed universities & colleges that helped us place genuine candidates in lesser time.

Student Visa

We assist you in whole VISA processes like: Applications Filling, Financial Statements preparation and training for interviews and guidance at each step. Getting a Student VISA for countries like Canada, New Zealand, UK or USA is not a simple task these days, even after the university has accepted the student. Our Expert Team will take students step by step through the whole process and try to make it hassle-free.

Embassy Interview

When someone applies for Study or Work VISA, in most countries, he/she will have to go through an interview at the embassy. It might be scary for some people. DBC International provides Embassy Interview Training. Duration and Mode of this interview depends on what type of VISA applied for, the country of choice, etc.

Pre Departure Briefings

Pre Departure briefings help you to prepare for departure and arrival abroad. Briefings help an individual to know about living culture abroad, life at campus, tips to adapt foreign culture and dealing with new aspects of life. At briefings, students have the great opportunity to network with other students and probably future classmates. We will advise you on ticketing, travel insurance, bank account opening, foreign exchange and international calling cards.

Travel Arrangements

We take care of all travel arrangements that are required by our students. We suggest the options which are student’s budget friendly. We also arrange foreign exchange, insurance cover and other requirements apart from travel arrangements. Our objective is to ensure that the students don’t have to worry about these aspects.

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